Greehouse Gas Reduction

Perot Field Fort Worth Alliance Airport (AFW) recognizes its role in ensuring an environmentally sustainable future in North Texas and minimizing the environmental impacts that may result from our operations. Because of this, AFW is fully committed to continually meet or exceed our environmental sustainability goals related to greehouse gas emissions, carbon emissions and energy usage. Click here to view policy statement. 

Noise Abatement

Perot Field Fort Worth Alliance Airport completed its first Part 150 Noise Study in 2005. This Federal Aviation Regulation provides both an initial assessment of the current conditions and a projection of what the future noise conditions are expected to be. To ensure compliance with federal regulations was maintained, Perot Field created a Noise Exposure Map.

Based upon the sound contours and noncompatible land uses identified in the Noise Exposure Map, Perot Field evaluates sound control actions and develops a strategy which prepares the airport to appropriately execute noise compatibility planning and abatement or mitigation implementation programs.

Measures are outlined and executed throughout a 5 year window and forecasted for 10 years. Updates to the Part 150 Noise Study began in January 2019 and the study was completed first quarter of 2020.

Wildlife Mitigation

Perot Field Fort Worth Alliance Airport takes great care in preserving and caring for the environment surrounding the airport. When faced with wildlife that encroach the airport and create safety issues, a common sense approach is paramount with great care taken to ensure the well-being of all. Perot Field collaborates with the US Fish and Wildlife Service and the FAA regularly to provide the safest environment possible for the flying public. The use of Federal Aviation Administration, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, along with US Fish and Wildlife Service methods, allows not only the safe operation of the airport, but also greater long-term health for the area fowl, rodent, deer and other wildlife.

Runway Extension

In 2018, Perot Field Fort Worth Alliance Airport completed a multi-decade runway extension project. Both runways at Perot Field were extended to 11,000 feet, expanding the airports ability to support larger cargo aircraft, and longer non-stop, transoceanic flights. Initial steps of the massive project involved the rerouting of Texas Farm to Market Road 156 further west, then constructing 12 miles of Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad track to ensure seamless service to and from the BNSF Intermodal facility west of Perot Field. A major stepping stone in the progress of the Perot Fields' success, the extension exemplifies the airport’s commitment to continuous advancement.