Where it all started

Perot Field Fort Worth Alliance Airport (AFW) is the world’s first industrial airport and serves as the foundation of the AllianceTexas development. Opened on December 14, 1989, the Alliance Airport is a product of a unique partnership between the visionaries at Hillwood, the City of Fort Worth and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The name “Alliance” best characterizes the cooperation between private and public entities that created this dynamic region.

Today, AFW features a vast array of flight services, including air cargo, corporate and government aviation, and is the corner­stone for the nation’s fastest-growing industrial complex here at AllianceTexas. Perot Field Fort Worth Alliance Airport serves as a proud gateway to the North Texas region.  

And most recently, Hillwood’s AllianceTexas Mobility Innovation Zone (MIZ) is paving the way for next-level mobility solutions for goods and people. The MIZ offers mobility visionaries full access to an unparalleled ecosystem, resources, and partnerships essential to comprehensively scale and commercialize new technologies. Access to complex airspace and multimodal hubs make the MIZ an effective tool for drone delivery testing and improving unmanned aircraft systems. Learn more